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Farther Than Your Grace Can Reach

Jonathan Pierce

Chord: Principal (acoustic and electric guitars)
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key: C
C   Dm7   Em   F
C   Dm7   Em   F

Verse 1:
C      G/B     Am         F
I lie awake at night and wonder
C           G/B       Am       F
How You can still put up with me
C         G/B      Am     G
I know I push You to the limits
   D/F#   F   G
Or so it seems

Verse 2:
C                G/B      Am      F
And I start each day with good intentions
C            G/B  Am        F
And fail You in a thousand ways
C             G/B      Am       G
But still You keep forgiving me
       D/F#     F   G
Of the same mistakes

C        Dm7       Em    F      C
No fault, no wrong, no dark of night
     Dm7      Em       F
Can hide me from Your eyes
C       Dm7   Em       F
And I cannot fall or climb
Dm7     Em        G           C
Farther than Your grace can reach

C   Dm7   Em   F

Verse 3:
C             G/B       Am            F
I know You’ve heard this prayer I’m praying
C         G/B    Am          F
What I’ve done and where I’ve been
C          G/B      Am             G
And Lord I don’t deserve Your mercy
    D/F#   F  G
But once again, You say


Am   G  F   Em  Dm7     G
Rock of ages, cleft for me

Verse 4:
C            G/B     Am        F
God bless us all the weak and weary
C        G/B     Am        F
Captives of our flesh and blood
C         G/B    Am           G
Our only freedom is the refuge
D/F#     F  G
Of Your love


Dm7    Em     F      C
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